About Cellar Door
Established in 1972, Cellar Door has been been building and designing custom doors, architectural features for homes and businesses, furniture, and custom millwork from antique building supplies. Ken Hiler, owner and builder, "excavates" older homes, barns, and buildings that are ready for demolition, preserving the lumber, hardware, molding and architectural details for future projects. He also creates custom handmade furniture and millwork to resemble the quality and design of the Georgian and Federal style. By watching his father and grandfather, he was inspired to use his family's talent to build homes and furniture with artistic detail using inlay wood, molding, quality and diverse wood types and much attention to detail. He is much more than a builder, but an artist using wood and antique building supplies instead of paint and canvas.

His projects and experience are so varied that the possibilities are truly endless for Ken Hiler. Some of them include moving & restoring older homes, building log homes, custom made furniture including cupboards, entertainment centers, shelving, desks, conference tables, dressers, and more; he has designed, built and remodeled family rooms, libraries, offices, home movie theaters, pool houses, gazebos, historic homes, barns, stables and more; he has done custom millwork including custom doors, molding, doorways, stainglass and lead glass windows, antique flooring, antique hardware, paneled walls and so much more.

He also has a huge inventory for sale of antique and new lumber of a huge variety of wood types, as well as antique hardware, rod iron fixtures, lighting, locks, doors, windows, and architectural features.

His philosophy when he gives antique treasures new life is creating quality masterpieces not just for his customers for their children and grandchildren. He is building family heirlooms to be passed on and treasured.

If you have a project you have been dreaming up, contact Ken Hiler as most of his projects are made to order. Together you can restore history and create your own heirloom to pass on for generations.

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